Wednesday, May 18, 2005

SourceForge Project in the Making

Well, I have officially placed a submission for the GTADS project on sourceforge. This should make it easier to manage and encourage other developers to take part in making this happening. I will know whether my submission has been successful or not in 2-3 business days, but I am confident that it will go though without a hitch
As for development, early stages of the dedicated server has gone underway, it is mostly revisiting the whole model for the dedicated server, the client, and the client's localhost proxy. These three components will be the major projects in creating the whole GTADS infrastructure.
The first project that has to be done before anything else can happen is the actual dedicated server. This is what I will be working on first, the user management, and chat infrastructure, and then the game join/host infrastructure
The user management, I suspect, will give the option of using filebased storage and eventually a mySQL interface, I haven't decided on what fields to include for the user, as it will also be included in the actual User object. For the chat infrastructure, this will probably borrow heavily from the IRC model and I will be reading up on the IRC RFC on the protocol and game control is still in sketchy detail.
A side project that I had already started was documenting the GTA1 protocol only the work of implementing the locahost proxy by the time there is work left to be done there. If anyone with GTA1 who plays over TCP would like to grab the packet data and start on this it would be greatly appreciated. The best method in decoding the packets are in loading up the game and doing one or two specific things each time. I will provide a small imcomplete document of what I had documented very soon.


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