Friday, May 20, 2005

Progress on Dedicated Server

Still no word from on giving my project space to work on GTADS some progress has been made on the chatserver component. I had decided to retain the maximum amount of portability I would write the server in Java, saving some time and problems with sockets and threads. So far a portion of the netcode for user logins has been implemented but there is a long road of code that needs to done before there is any alpha project created.
I have also been working on the design of the most integral part of GTADS, the localhost proxy. This will be especially complicated and I have done some packet sniffing over a sample game to figure out what the trigger packets are to initialize a game, same player information. I am confident that this will be sorted out and by the time the client is created. Again if anyone has any packet data from playing in GTA don't hesistate to send it to Also let others know of the existence of this project if possible. Help is the best resource to make this project happen.


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