Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What we have so far

Development is still going on for GTADS. Since the holidays all of our availability has been limited but I want to share all the things we have fixed, added, and working on since 1.13.

Client Side Bug Fixes:

- Preferences Bug that didn't allow you to leave the username and password fields blank
- Made Join and Host gameroom buttons more descriptive
- Improved messaging code to remove appearance of "lag"

Client Side Finished Features:

- Added sound events
- Expanded Preferences to include Sounds and Games tabs
- Friends list shows number of friends on
- Server Browser
- First time users load up Preferences to Games tab
- Games Tab gives you the option to auto-load games
- (XP Only) Option to load up gamepaths from Registry
- Encryption login support
- Friends lists loads on startup (Optional)
- Main window and Friends list save window position
- Gameroom introduces countdown before game commences
- Code cleanup and optimization to improve performance

Client Side Features Working On:

- Autoload Game - Auto-Minimize GTADS
- Multiple players (3+) on GTADS Proxy

Server Bug Fix:

- Fixed SQL Mem Leak bug
- Fixed Messenging Code to manage users better

Server Finished Features:

- Account encryption
- Login encryption for safe login
- SQL storage option for accounts
- phpBB option for accounts
- Version checking for clients
- Smaller memory footprint
- Added tools to migrate accounts to 1.14 compat.


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