Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Keep on top of GTADS Development/Progress/News

There are two mailing lists that anyone can subscribe to if they want to be involved or informed about GTADS News that may not make it to this site.

GTADS-Misc: Mailing List for all miscellaneous items related to GTADS such as bugs, feature requests, questions, and comments, as well as general news. It is recommended that you use this mailing list to send these things rather than emailing any of the developers directly as therer will be a better chance your question will be addressed quickly or at all.

GTADS-Devel: Developer's Mailing List. If you are interested in the development aspect of GTADS or anything that has to do with its release, this is the list. While most user end bugs should be send to the Misc list, any bugs that have to do with the actual code (i.e. "I am concerned with the code in DSChatServer on line 195") you are welcomed to throw it up on the list. All developers will be on this list but it is open to all.


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