Monday, June 06, 2005

GTADS test server up

For those who will want to test the progress of GTADS, a test server has been put up that is accessible from the internet. Right now since the major features are being implemented, there really isn't much to test apart from the authentication scheme. The client screen and connection code is being ironed out and should be completed this week so many of you will be able to download the CVS code and play with the client. To use the test server just point the client to

As far as progress goes on the GTADS, I feel confident in a release within the next week. The user infrastructure is all but complete, basic authentication and connection state is completed on the server side. I must remind everyone that the Alpha release will be a chat-only release, which will not support any game playing, which will be the target of the project. This is a preliminary test release for the public and within 2 weeks from there, game support will be provided.


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