Friday, December 16, 2005

ChatServer Feature Freeze

With the maturity of the chatserver over the past few months and most notibly with the implementation of the FriendsList, I think I want to leave things they way they are for a while featurewise and get some actual gameplay implemented. It has been a long time and I had been worrying about the gaming aspect while I was busy building everything else. I know for people who are interested in this project, no one wants yet another chat system but rather something more to offer. To eventually get to this point I will hold a feature freeze on the chatserver and get everything related to the proxy (which includes adding the GameRoom infrastructure, an exception to the feature freeze) to a point where 2 users can play each other in GTA1.
Development on the chat server and client will primarily be comprised of bug fixes and fixing broken code but the FriendsList is the last non-proxy related project to occur. On that note I am happy to share that there have been zero problems with the FriendsList in the midst of testing. I will keep you posted on my continual progress with the proxy.


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