Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Special Announcement

Based on the last set of people who came on to the beta server to express their opinions about the client without reading anything related to the on going development I just want to mention the following points.

GTADS is done on my spare time. It is a project I enjoy working on and I try to get as much done as possible giving my busy schedule. Things that aren't feature complete or lacking, but are not related to anything broken are welcomed as a feature wishlist but aren't going to happen overnight. GTADS is written under the BSD License and as such you are more than welcome to assist with the project or even take the whole source code and write your own implementation.

Please READ the readme, this website, and other notes on GTADS before asking unresearched questions. As I have said in may previous posts the actual gaming feature (the proxy more notibly) is not complete. It is not in the 12/11/2005 beta test of the client. This project comprises of three parts, the server, the client, and the proxy. Having the proxy without the chat server environment seems useless and against the purpose of this project so, yes, there is a chat server and client being developed and when everything is done and refined it can be pieced together and work seemlessly. When you download the beta client read the README file attached to the download and see what you are able to do, what you are testing for. The readers of this blog will be the first to know when the proxy and everything related to gaming is done.

I realize that GTADS's current state is not very useful to those who really want to play GTA1 or any other game online. But as my previous point stands I am only one person working on many things and it will get done when it gets done. I welcome any help that may come along in the form of ideas, testing, and java development but I won't respond to uninsightful comments as "it's jsut a chatroom...". Rolling out a shittily put together project with minimal funtion is not my goal.


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