Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Age of Empires, Twisted Metal, etc and so on

Just getting through with releasing a freshly updated GTADS is something I am proud of accomplishing. I have been getting positive feedback on the interface and features. So although it gives me a little time to rest from coding, there is still much work to be done for the next release. Right now, I am packet sniffing game traffic from many of the Age of Empire games. I really want to get a few RTS games working on here, especially the old favorites people love to play. Also getting the proxy to become AOE compatible will also make it compatible with most DirectPlay games bringing the list to maybe hundreds of titles. There is still the language translations to get working as well. Still stalled on populating that file but with enough help I should get it internationalized. As I have done before I won't make any promises on releases because my schedule can be pretty hectic but before this next release gets hammered out, Age of Empires will at the least be playable over GTADS.


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