Monday, July 31, 2006

WhatismyIP? New IP Bind Function

Messing with peer to peer over the internet these days can be a pain in the arse. For example if I want to play someone over the internet with my GTADS Client I will have to make sure my router/firewall are set to route the proxy port. In addition there are certain cases when the IP address the server knows is different from the IP address you want or can use the proxy on. As an example, the rez server resides on my LAN. As a matter of fact is is below my feet chugging away. When I connect to the server the server records my IP address as not the internet address that people would use to connect to me. This may be a special case but for others who are on the server with multiple networks or would just like to bind their IP to a specific address there is a bind IP function in the create game window. This has been there for some time but I went the extra step to make things easier for those who need to bind an IP. When you grab the new client friday you will notice a Get IP button on the right of the IP Field. Using "" I have created a small web utility to just instantly grab the external IP address. This way if one doesn't know their IP address off hand and they may just retrieve it quickly and easily from this method.


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