Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Absence

I apologize for my absence for the last couple of weeks and the lack of any sort of updates on GTADS. Unfortunately I haven't made much progress on GTADS, as I have been busy with things in the professional world. The project is by no means dead though, things have just been put on pause. Test machines aside I will be working on the things I have last left everything at (3-4 GTA1 players at a time, language settings, etc). I am happy to say that I have a collective 201 accounts on the GTADS server. I have popped in to the server to see how everything is going and I do see people playing from time to time and see this as a good thing. As I am usually bad with deadlines I won't give you a date for the Beta Release 1.1 but I will keep this blog posted with progress leading up to the release.


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