Friday, October 06, 2006

Multiple Players and a name change in GTADS

Well as you may have seen in the previous posts GTADS development has been pretty busy. I haven't checked in any of the new code in the CVS server yet but I will as soon as I finish up the core features. Right now development is being done on the game proxy to support multiple players. With this, users will be able to transparently host games that are more than 1v1. This means the possiblility of 4 player GTA1 and 6-8 player Age of Empire games.

Also since GTADS is no longer exclusively a GTA driven application I am looking to gradually (It really won't be overnight) change the name to something that best describes the application. I haven't really made this a priority because I don't see it as being as important as getting the application functional. If anyone would like to suggest a name, please email me and briefly explain why.

Just as a side note a live serverlist can be retrieved here.


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