Sunday, September 10, 2006

GTADS Video Issue and Voice Chat

Anyone who may have tried GTADS from the beginning may have run into a shitty bug that plagues the Java Virtual Machine. If you run the client then open GTA1 or Age of Empires the client may close out and crash inexplicably. I have filed a bug report with Sun to try to resolve the issue in a later release of their JRE. For now here is a quick and dirty workaround to opening the game sans the crashing. Before you open your game of choice Minimize all windows of GTADS. This is important, you must minimize the windows to avoid crashing, If you decide to alt-tab out of the game and go into GTADS switching back and forth won't affect it from that point on.

Also the codebase is getting its groundbreaking voice chat features implemented as of tonight. The change may be in the CVS repository later on in the week. There may be a lot of testing before this gets thrown into a new release.

And please if you know of a forum or a website that caters to a GTA1 or Age of Empires community, let them know about this project. Many people have come on and enjoyed it. If we can get more players we can make it even more enjoyable.


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