Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rez back up, still looking for a replacement

The GTADS server is back up...for now but with unstable hardware, who knows what another accidental reboot may bring. I merged the accounts created from the temporary server into the rez stable server and the development server along with it's database is also up and running. If anyone is interested in helping me out to build a better GTADS server I am looking for the following items:

- Motherboard (Anything equal or better than a Socket A board)
- A Processor depending on what motherboard I am able to acquire.
- 256 MB may or may not need to be acquired depending on the board.

Your donations help keep development active and keep the server up.

On the development side of things, things are progressing with the upcoming Beta Release 1.14. Multiple users on proxy has hit a few obstacles that are being addresses one by one, mainly with the behavior of the directplaysrv.exe but clientside items such as window position memory and the login-encryption are working beautifully.

I am looking to put up a website for GTADS to encompass general information while keeping this site reserved for development news in the coming weeks.


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