Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Alpha Testers Wanted

Alright, the chatroom features are getting refined for the client and it is only a matter of days before this feature will become minimally functional. What I will need though are alpha testers who can login to the server and test chatroom features and the small set of chat commands implemented. A test server will be put up soon specifcially for the alpha chat testers around next week.

Users who sign up to become testers will have the full freedom of using the test server, poking and proding all known features. What i'm looking for here are problems or issues with performance now so that it won't become too much of an issue when the first beta version is released. To sign up as a beta tester either send me an email at
steven dot day at gmail dot com or leave me a comment under this entry. Place beta tester in the subject to make it more identifiable and your desired username and password.


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