Friday, April 28, 2006

Release Date for Beta R 1.1

With the progress we've been making in developing the 1.1 code, I feel confident that we will be able to release by Early May, target date May 5th. If you haven't tried to experimental client, these are the most notable features coming in 1.1:

- Checks if Proxy Port is open
- Configurable Preferences
- Multi Language Support
- Extra commands
- GTA1 with 3 and 4 players

The other stuff we are working on may not make it into the new release but these are the definite features to look forward to.

Also it has come to my attention from a user who's had a problem with their GTADS client that you should not use GTADS with a resolution smaller than 1024x768. The chat window is too wide and some of the components on the left did not show up correctly. Also make sure you have the latest Java JRE. It minimized the chance of something breaking.


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