Monday, May 08, 2006

lets reach 500 signatures

As I am writing this entry, there are 325 signatures on the petition. By the end of this week I will print these sheets out, and send out a print copy of the petition as well as a letter requesting that the source code be opened. I will also email them and link the petition site to whoever deals with these matters at rockstar. The more signatures we get, the more support we show. While this may or may not work, it is always worth a try and 10 seconds of your time to sign.

...Now on to more immediate concerns :-)

I am trying to get GTADS Br 1.1 out as soon as possible despite the apparent hurdles i'm facing such as lack of machines to test multiplayer. Language translations is also another thing i'd like to incorporate but, may end up being rendered using translation tools. The main thing is confirming the GTA 3-4 player proxy works and we should see a easier, slightly user friendlier, release.


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