Sunday, May 07, 2006

Is this IRC?

Upon coming back to see what was going on, on the server I stumbled upon this:

[05:55:33] IRC....
[05:55:40] THIS IS IRC ISN'T IT
[05:55:41] HAHA
[05:55:42] BUSTED
[05:57:25] I r connecting
[06:00:40] *lilkev2k6 has left chatroom

haha, if this was an IRC hack, I definitely don't think it would have taken as long as it did to release the client, the server, and the proxy. Its true GTADS has a lot of IRC qualities and IRC is a good model to follow for chat but no the server is in no way related to IRC, in the protocol, the structure, or anything. "BUSTED" for what? even if it was, if it provides game play it really shouldn't matter. Anyway it is still good to see people coming on the server and I hope people like lilkev2k6 realize that, GTADS isn't an irc server with some weird hacks to make it appear like a game server.


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