Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Humble call for donations

Hey all, you know the saying bad things happen in groups. Well it seems things have been slightly unfortunate for me. My only test PC has died as well as my laptop and this means that proxy testing has become 10 times more impossible. Especially with the addition of Twisted Metal 2 and GTA1 3-4 player. I am asking anyone who is intererested in this project continuing to please try to help me in anyway possible to complete my release. This is in no way obligatory but if there is anyway you'd like to help me complete this release, I would be greatly appreciative. The donate button is on the left if you would like to help me raise money for some new components for the test PC or if anyone has any spare parts that won't be missed you can email me at steven dot day at gmail dot com and I can give you details of what you can do.

Thank you in advance.


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