Monday, August 21, 2006

GTADS Server Discovery

Anyone who has taken a look at the configuration file in the GTADS server since version 1.0 may have noticed a unused parameter in the file named publish. This was something I had thought about from the very beginning and is probably a necessity for something with multiple servers. began writing the GTADS server discovery cgi scripts. This way if anyone wants to put up a server there will be a url that you can send them to and have them displayed for others to see. The scripts (when ready) will also be released under the BSD license and packaged with the GTADS server and source code.

As for an update of other things. I have been focusing more on the server and proxy in terms of making the server side of things more efficient as well as bring in the addition of more games to GTADS. Depending on how much stuff I get done on the Server there may be a Beta Release 1.11 for the Server.


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