Thursday, March 15, 2007

Updates and Global Conquest for BR 1.15

I want to start this entry with developments for 1.14. Well GTADS development had been going at a decent pace with the Server code being improved and some SQL additions to make new server user installs quick and easy. Progress has been slower on the Client end since developer availability has been limited and my recent Windows XP crash :-\. Nevertheless virtual machines should provide enough testing to get something out.

Now for the bigger news posed for the future. I will be developing a game which will use the integration of GTADS and Age of Empires to create a hybrid of a strategy based game such as Civilization with the real time battle of Age of Empires. The name of this game so far will be Global Conquest and right now it is in the planning stage. The implementation approach we are going to take is going to require a few rewrites of the current code to allow the implementation of plug-ins on both the client and server side.

We will keep you posted on developments.

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Anonymous interested user said...

hey i cant use the program.. it gets stuck... why?

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Blogger Steven Day said...

Where does it get stuck? Are you using 1.13? What operating system at you using? What game are you using GTADS for? What version of Java are you running?

Please give me an idea of what the problem is. Also send emails to

3:21 PM  
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