Monday, August 15, 2005

GTA Proxy

As the Proxy Interface and GUI is getting underway for the GTADS client. There are serveral things I have decided would be good for the future of GTADS. I am making the GTADS proxy a modular java package for other people to incorporate in their own programs if desired. Since the proxy will be separate from the GUI, it would be fairly easy to jar up the package and incorporate it to other uses. I am also making the proxy program an optional standalone application separate from the chat client.

I don't want players to feel locked in to having to using the chat client to logon just to play a quick game of anything, when one could easily load up the proxy and manually put in the network settings to play a proxied game. Of course they would miss out on player based stats but its about choice.

This week will be very busy in terms of development as I will be trying to decode and incorporate the GTA1 start up game sequence into the code. I have found some of the work I started in 2003 on it through the proof of concept program I wrote which seems to prove that this proxy method is possible for game play. It was written in C++ using winsock2.h and the source is available From my GTADS archived site as well as the binary. To check out the concept program in action run the binary then run GTA1. Switch the game into multiplayer mode, TCP/IP, and connect to You will then see a game to connect to. The game will start shortly and the host (the program) will disconnect.


Blogger Sektor said...

Did you try the C++ server with the free version of GTA1? I couldn't get GTA1 to see the server although the server did report a connection on port 47624.

6:45 AM  
Blogger Steven Day said...

Yeah it was with the free version of GTA1, I haven't tried it in a while but it should work up to seeing a game, connecting and then the player leaving. I'll try it sometime tonight.

10:04 AM  
Blogger Steven Day said...

Actually I remember now, you have to kill the displaysrv.exe process. It already listens on 47624 and the connector is supposed to take the place of that port. Sorry i forgot to mention that. My client will probably handle killing that process before loading itself up.

10:15 AM  

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