Thursday, August 04, 2005

Roadmap for GTADS

I've gotten a few beta tester requests thus far and I am hope that there is interest in this project. I would just like to let everyone know about the road ahead for DS in terms of development and usability. At the time that I write this, there IS functional chatting to a hardcoded chatroom on the server. Small things like leaving a chatroom are being implemented and is only a matter of coding on the protocol level, very trivial stuff, but don't rely on the user list on the right too much. So if any of the beta testers log in this minute they will be able to chat with one another on the very flimsy and unrefined interface. As I have told the beta testers in my reply email, most of the development has gone into the server program. If there is no server then a client couldn't exist. Must of the server development as creating internal lookups for users and chatrooms functionally and efficiently has been the main focus as to prevent any future problems

Now, to where we are going in this project. As a matter of priority in what GTADS is and isn't, the dedicated server is a game server first and a chatserver second, and support for multiple chat windows may take a back seat to getting the game specific features worked on. On the protocol level this is easily feasible but on the GUI client side it requires keeping track of multiple windows which would be a waste of time right now.

In the coming weeks the following functionality will be implemented

  • Fully functional single chatroom.
  • Minimal support for private messages
  • Custom Configuration Files for Server and Client
  • Security features for Server operators
  • Join/Host Game
  • Game Proxy Connector

These may or may not be implemented in the particular other they are being presented in as the proxy is an extemely integral part of the client. As I have mentioned in my earlier postings too, GTA1 and 2, if they prove successful will not be the only game that this server will be supporting. I am eyeing other games that are old favorites such as Twisted Metal 2, Starcraft, and Command and Conquer but depending on how the procotol is set up i'm sure if I can get GTA working, the other games will be equally functional.

On a final note I would like to thank Sektor for mentioning me on his site GTA2 Game Hunter. I am sure his mention has brought some people to my site and I am glad to see the support.


Anonymous Nariman said...

Man! Incredible work u r doing! When the first release is done, ill be the first one to download!!
I really apriciate ur work for the gta1/2 community. and so do many others.
Good luck with the rest of project.
/ Nariman

8:41 AM  

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