Friday, December 30, 2005

New Chat Facelift

This is one aspect of the programming I have been putting off and putting off and the more I put it aside the more it bothered me. A nicely packed interface for the chat window was something I wanted to put in since the beginning but I had always told myself there was too many important things to do before I got to it. Last night I set a list of five things to do on the clientside and the second thing on the list was in fact fix the chat window.
Originally the chatwindow just served as something functional until I could either muster up the courage to get more in depth with GUI programming (which I should) or get someone else to do it for me. But, realizing I was on my own on the development, I decided to do the former. The new face of the chat window isn't anything spectacular but it is a tightly packed and for the most part clean interface. I published the changes into the beta client zip file as well as the applet for anyone who's interested.
Picture of New Chat Window:

On the server side, I am also launching a sub server primarily for information queries. Right now it will be primarily for server vitals, such as uptime, amount of users, amount of games progressing, contact information of the administrator, etc. This can be used in conjunction with a CGI script to display server vitals on a webpage. If any other use arises off this query sub server, it will be adaptable enough to expand.
Though its not clear from a client's perspective, system and user uptimes are now being recorded on the server. Users who are curious of user uptimes will be able to invoke the /uptime command on the next release of the client.


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