Monday, April 24, 2006

Feature requests and suggestions

I know over the past month or so I have been getting people sign on and suggest things about GTADS for the 1.1 release. Some have reported problems and just told me in the chat, but would sign on a second later. I cannot fix problems or talk about features if no one stays on long enough for it. If you guys have bugs or feature requests, I strongly encourage you to visit the sourceforge site and post on the feature requests page. For the time being, I will try to address some of the issues i've seen sent to me via IM or chatroom.

Issue #1:

> I can't see the user list on the side when I log in!

I would really like to help out in the problem yet I cannot ever seem to reach that person but if they are reading this right now here are some questions to think about:

- Are you running the latest version of the client? Beta Release 1.1?
- Does it happen everytime you log in?
- What happens if you move to another chatroom or rejoin #GTADS?

Issue #2:

> ...right clicking someone's name should show them the location and their ping... down to a state level...

Right now peer to peer pings are out of the question. Java doesn't support ICMP and users do not have access to other user's ip addresses except in the gameroom. This may change in the future but that's the current state of things. Also, country locales are on the feature request page and is actively being worked on. There is no plan to set it to a state level being that it is tedious and as far as GTA1 is concerned doesn't give a clear indication of how latency will suffer. I've played 4 different people from the west coast (I live in New York) and have had pings of 50-100ms. I have also played people locally in NYC and have had terrible pings. Moving everything to a state level would be tedious and a waste of time. A concession I may make for large countries however is partitioning a country. US - West, US - East, US-Mid may be an easier compromise.

Issue #3:

> Gameplay is too hard using GTADS, having to open the port, create a gameroom, and the proxy routine...

This I agree is a small problem with GTADS. It has more to do with the proxy than the routine of opening ports of creating gamerooms. This is being worked on in version 1.1 but for the time being if you have any trouble with the routine, the GTADS manual, should be able to help you out for the time being. Its a beta.

Please take any other issues through a method where I will be able to respond to you from it or it won't be taken seriously. A bug needs to be reproduced, a feature needs to be understood and i'm not in the business of tracking anyone down to discuss.


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