Sunday, April 09, 2006

FreeBSD Server

Well has just been moved over to a FreeBSD machine only a few minutes ago. The need to move the server over was one that needed to be done a long time ago but needed a hard drive to make the transition over. With the news that FreeBSD now has official sun compiled java binaries for both their JDK and JRE made the process a must. For any one who has an account on rez right now, all account data, and friendslists have been moved over.

The server is a AMD K7 550 Mhz PC with 256 MB system memory.
The hard drive is a 14GB Maxtor I am hoping to move over to scsi soon enough.

This is also a note to anyone who wants to run a server. It does take well to FreeBSD once the JRE is installed.


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