Friday, April 07, 2006

Donations to GTADS

You guys may have noticed that there is a mysterious new button lingering on this site now. Well, not all that mysterious but its looking at you. Yes, GTADS is looking for donations to fund things like games to work on and server hardware to host our test server on right now. We currently pay whatever littles costs we have out of pocket and with GTA and GTA2 being free, that made it extra easy to work on without running out and getting those games. Though I have confirmation that the GTADS client and server work on Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD as it should under java I haven't been able to do testing for those platforms and perhaps support games compatible with those platforms. We don't run server clusters (not yet ;-)) or run a USD 10,000 a month electricity bill so i don't expect any donations to be only $10.

As far as development goes, we are getting ready to get Beta Release 1.1 out and have about 8-10 items on our list to complete before it's ready. Many of these changes are enhancements server administration, proxy code cleanup, and some gradual UI redesign. Remember, the latest code is always in the CVS, and the latest or nearest to latest builds are under the "Experimental Downloads" on the right of the page.


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