Monday, April 03, 2006

Latest Developments on GTADS

Every since Beta Release 1 kicked off we've been working on getting Beta Release 1.1 up and out with a wide variety of fixes. There has also been a few features that have been marked for future releases if you look on the Feature Request page on our Sourceforge homepage. One of the biggest projects for the future working towards Beta Release 2 is getting voice chat operational. You may have already figured out that was in the works from the change in the poll last week.
Another goody that has been decided maybe 15 minutes ago is our second game we are going to support will be DooM Legacy. Its an open source port of doom that only needs the .wad game files to play and this will allow fans of Doom to join the fans of GTA1 on the server and set up games. We're not entirely sure when or what release the Doom proxy support will be added but what is certain right now is it will be added.

To check out Doom Legacy check out:


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