Thursday, March 23, 2006

Calling all servers! (if any...)

Well its been exactly a week since I released and thinks seem to be going alright. As of today our download statistics have been:

GTADS Client: 17 Downloads
GTADS Server: 8 Downloads
GTADS Source Code: 2 Downloads

I think its a good start and it shows some people not only have interest in playing but also hosting their own. There have also been a handful of games played through GTADS and some positive feedback. That being said, i'd like to know if anyone hosting a server has successfully got it going, and would like to have it listed on here. Things will definitely be more dynamic and streamlined when the server publisher is operational.

One last thing if you are at all interested in getting more people on GTADS please spread the word. Being an open source spare time project I don't have the time nor money (mostly money) to advertise the product all over the internet. Besides a friend's recommendation is much better than a banner or web posting. Invite your friends to use GTADS.


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