Wednesday, April 12, 2006

GTADS Br 1.1 update

well its about to be a month since the first beta of GTADS was released. It has had some curious faces come by and check the server out, it has had some bugs, and most of all it has had some successful games played. It seems the biggest hurdle in GTADS is getting people on the server and staying and waiting for others to come and play. Another is the logistics of setting up a game and access to documentation. It is necessary for both players to have the UDP port 8000 open for both the host and the connector. It may chance in the future but this is how it works now. GTA1 uses a range of ports from 2300-2400 TCP and UDP as well as the DirectPlay helper ports on 47624 tcp/udp. To me 1 port doesn't seem very trouble some given that. I urge anyone interested in playing GTADS, to join in pairs and to play each other. The server won't self populate and when looking for someone to play, at least for the beginning, will need this sort of intervention.

Now to GTADS Br 1.1. Many of the features we are working towards in 1.1 is to make the interface and administration the program easier to navigate around. for example, a preferences setting for the client will make the program more flexible and user friend. For administrators, the ability to ban users and ip addresses is already completed and giving users privilages is on its way.
On the game side, the GTA1 proxy will facilitate more than 2 players, allowing up to the game limit of 4 players. Those of you who have been querying voice chat, unfortunately if it does make it as a feature, it will not be brought into 1.1.

You can see all the progress of the progress at the feature request listing on sourceforge and you may also add your own suggestions. Before you add one however, make sure it is well thought out, is not a duplicate idea, one that being developed, and keep it civil. Flamebait posts and stupid questions will be ignored and deleted.


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