Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Beta Release 1.11: Age of Empires and JVM Issue

Hey it finally happened, after a week of trying to figure out the problem Age of Empires now works with GTADS. If anyone cares to know, the issue was the buffer size for incoming proxy packets was too small for the huge data dump AOE would send to the client. This has all been fixed and Beta Release 1.11 reflects these changes. Unfortunately, unlike what I had previously though, Twisted Metal and even Age of Empires 2 does not currently work with the configuration. I suspect that different DirectX versions have upgrades to the protocol that aren't compatible with one another and that GTADS's proxy works on a DirectX 4/5 level. Never the less this is great news for all those AOE fans, especially with MS Zone being done away with. I'm looking forward to working on and adding games using a higher DirectX version soon but AOE will for now. If you are interested in playing AOE please upgrade your client to Beta Release 1.11, otherwise you may keep your 1.1 version to play GTA1/London as normal.

NOTE: This has been a minor annoyance on GTA1 and doesn't happen everytime but for players of Age of Empires, please START UP your game first before starting up the GTADS client. If you start up the client and then the game the client will crash. I am waiting on word for Sun as to why the JVM crashes when either GTA1 or most definitely Age of Empires runs. If you have the game open you can ALT-TAB out of the game then run the client. GTA1 users may want to do this also to avoid the client crashing as well.



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