Friday, September 01, 2006

AOE II Confirmed and GTADS for the future

Well as 1.11 made its release a few Age of Empire fans have come on and tried it out with successes. It is always good to get the interest of people for your software and in addition have feedback come in. Taking in the feedback I know what definitely needs to be done for Beta Release 1.12. Age of Empires II does work though there seems to be a proxy issue that doesn't allow the proxy to work properly after successfully playing a game. That will be fixed shortly but the main criticism is the complexity of setting a game up. I know when GTADS was first set up there was more function in mind than ease of use. Now that I can say the proxy definitely works on GTA and Age of Empires I think its time to revamp the interface on the proxy to make setting up a game more streamlined. If anyone has any suggestions on what should be done, don't hesistate to send an email that I will definitely consider it.

I am also looking to put up a complete website for this project and need help in setting one up. I don't have the time or effort to do it myself but I am looking for someone willing to help me out to set one up. The site would be hosted on


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