Friday, October 14, 2005

Roadmap to Beta

The Beta release of GTADS is just around the corner and here are the items that I will be working on for the time being. Beta Items are marked in bold, which will be implemented into the beta release. The rest of the items will be continually worked on for the time being and incorporated into the next concurrent release:

Todo list for GTADS

  • Display Explicit /skick message
  • Display Disconnect message rather than room part message
  • Let accounts file determine whom should have admin privilages
  • Find all instances of DSChatServer.getInstance().killConnection(...) and replace it
    with explict IOException throw (otherwise function is run twice)

  • Fix duplication "left" message
  • Define new layout for client
  • Set Server config file for ServerConfig class
  • Set up serveral threads apart from periodic status checker
    such as password rehash thread
  • Set up server connect list for client of last 5 distinct servers connected to (Beta Release)
  • Create query commands (where is user? list of chatrooms? list of games?)
  • Set up more admin commands
    /sban - server ban
    /kick - chatroom kick (used by admin and chatroom creator)
    /ban - chatroom ban
  • Set up more personal commands
  • Set up chatroom admin commands
    /setHidden {chatroom}
  • Create Fonts styles, use simple html tags to stylelize bold, italic, underline, color
  • Work on Proxy for GTA (Stand alone Proxy Release) (Currently working on)
  • Create GameRoom object on server, define interface on client
  • Create stats repository
  • Set system chatrooms vs. User defined chatrooms
  • set chatroom limits (adjustable)
  • support for multiple chatrooms (on server side, perhaps clientside)
  • Create bots for admin control

Red = Next items to complete
Strike through = Completed
Bold = Slated for Beta
Normal = Slated for next release

This will keep me busy for some time and my next blog entry will probably be the proxy release for GTA1 as a stand alone object. Also for client releases I will have a date appended to it stating when it was released to keep beta testers up to speed on when a new release occurred. Things are getting really close and I hope the Beta release of GTADS proves successful and fun for everyone. If you have any suggestions on what should be worked on please visit my sourceforge site and add it in feature requests.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Beta fixes

I made a few beta fixes to both the client and server.

Client Side Changes:

- ChatWindowDialog is no longer a static class

- Fixes reconnect problem

Server Side Changes:

Account logins are no longer case sensative. For example typing in "sday" and "SDAy" would allow you to login under the account sday. This makes it easier for people to login with big account names who would have otherwise forgotten how they styled their names

You can grab the latest client from the client link on the right.