Friday, July 13, 2007

My project is not dead (neither am I)

It has really been a LONG while since I have even gotten to look at my blog here for GTADS. I have been working on a lot of things both business and personal and I haven't really gotten back to work on GTADS. GTADS 1.14 was supposed to be released with 2+ player support, Phalanx (the GTADS plugin) was supposed t o be getting underway and countless other plans. Right now I am in the process of securing a couple of windows machines for development while looking at where 1.14 was left off. The other developers have also been busy and this project has all but died. I will be picking up my own slack and looking to release a 1.14 release when I can. I will also be keeping an update of more things on this site finally.

I am sorry to all those who anticipated more out of the project sooner.

GTADS Lead Developer,
Steven Day

P.S. The server on is back up but the web services aren't so you won't be able to see any servers up yet. I will be working on fixing that within the weekend.