Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Update on BR 1.1

Its been about 2 months since the 1.0 release and I know with the emails and IMs I get that everyone wants to know whats up with 1.1? Well, if you've missed the last couple of posts, the machines I use to test the game play over the proxy died and I haven't had the money to replace them as of yet. I did however recently build a virtual machine of windows 2000 to do some testing with. So as of now, I am fixing anything holding back multiple players on GTA1 as well as making the proceedure a little use friendlier.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Petition going out this week

Well I would like to thank everyone who took their time out to post on the openGTA petition. We are up to 427 and I think this is enough so far to send to rockstar and show our support for open sourcing GTA 1 & 2. I will be sending an email sometime this week in addition to a hardcopy letter with a printout of the petition to Rockstar and I will keep you all posted on their reply.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Birthday GTADS

Well 1 year ago on May 13th I wrote in the first lines of code for GTADS Server. Now after a year it has grown into something useable and stable. It's been a long year of development and I really wanted to get 1.1 out by today but since my machines decided to go hang themselves, i'll have to wait. Lets hope that this coming year brings even more exciting things in GTADS, such as stats, more games, voice chat, and some actual users.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Disaster Strikes and 1.1 update

For about a half an hour this morning rez and everything else went down crashing. A power failure killed everything and anything plugged in. Rez had to be nursed back up because of some filesystem checks, wasn't pretty. Everything should be working fine now, though.

If you haven't done so please: Sign The OpenGTA petition

It can only help the GTA modding community.

Monday, May 08, 2006

lets reach 500 signatures

As I am writing this entry, there are 325 signatures on the petition. By the end of this week I will print these sheets out, and send out a print copy of the petition as well as a letter requesting that the source code be opened. I will also email them and link the petition site to whoever deals with these matters at rockstar. The more signatures we get, the more support we show. While this may or may not work, it is always worth a try and 10 seconds of your time to sign.

...Now on to more immediate concerns :-)

I am trying to get GTADS Br 1.1 out as soon as possible despite the apparent hurdles i'm facing such as lack of machines to test multiplayer. Language translations is also another thing i'd like to incorporate but, may end up being rendered using translation tools. The main thing is confirming the GTA 3-4 player proxy works and we should see a easier, slightly user friendlier, release.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Humble call for donations

Hey all, you know the saying bad things happen in groups. Well it seems things have been slightly unfortunate for me. My only test PC has died as well as my laptop and this means that proxy testing has become 10 times more impossible. Especially with the addition of Twisted Metal 2 and GTA1 3-4 player. I am asking anyone who is intererested in this project continuing to please try to help me in anyway possible to complete my release. This is in no way obligatory but if there is anyway you'd like to help me complete this release, I would be greatly appreciative. The donate button is on the left if you would like to help me raise money for some new components for the test PC or if anyone has any spare parts that won't be missed you can email me at steven dot day at gmail dot com and I can give you details of what you can do.

Thank you in advance.

Is this IRC?

Upon coming back to see what was going on, on the server I stumbled upon this:

[05:55:33] IRC....
[05:55:40] THIS IS IRC ISN'T IT
[05:55:41] HAHA
[05:55:42] BUSTED
[05:57:25] I r connecting
[06:00:40] *lilkev2k6 has left chatroom

haha, if this was an IRC hack, I definitely don't think it would have taken as long as it did to release the client, the server, and the proxy. Its true GTADS has a lot of IRC qualities and IRC is a good model to follow for chat but no the server is in no way related to IRC, in the protocol, the structure, or anything. "BUSTED" for what? even if it was, if it provides game play it really shouldn't matter. Anyway it is still good to see people coming on the server and I hope people like lilkev2k6 realize that, GTADS isn't an irc server with some weird hacks to make it appear like a game server.