Thursday, January 05, 2006

GTADS Beta Server binary

I finally got a config file set up for the GTADS Server. You know what that means? Now I can release the GTADS server for anyone to try. Right now there is limited functionality on the config file but enough for anyone to run the server with their own set of account files and friendsList cached files.

Here is what gtadsconfig looks like right now:

; GTADS Stock Configuration File

; General Settings
; Administrative Account
; Note: Publish not implemented yet
ServerName=GTADS Beta Server
publish Url=
publish url parameters=

[Message of the Day]
Motd File=u:/MotdBetaServer.txt

; Directory to store friendslists
Friends List Directory=u:/friendsLists

Console Output=yes
Status Report Interval=30
Debug Level=5

; Accounts File sets the location of the usernames and passwords
; Client Signup states whether or new accounts
; are created from the client or by other means
; Account refresh - Interval between refreshing the accounts into the
; server cache (in seconds. set to 0 for never
Accounts File=u:/accounts
Client Signup=no
Account refresh cache=30

GSIP port=8000;

Things that must be edited are in bold.

If you plan to play around with the server, please read the attached ReadMe.txt file associated with it. It has some important imformation on how to run the server.


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