Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Want to play GTA1 and Twisted Metal?

Until the proxy is done and you'll see why it is taking a while to get it done and done correctly, I just want to write this little tidbit of information on how to get GTA1 and Twisted Metal 2 working between friends if you want to have a small game going. This really goes for all DirectPlay games which has the same method of handshaking and communication.

This only applies to you if you're behind a NATing firewall or router or have a software firewall installed.

- Port 47624 TCP/UDP: This is the port for the DirectPlay server. Clients connecting to a host use this connection to validate that the game is infact hosting on the host machine.
- Port 2300 TCP/UDP: The game seems to use the TCP in its initial rollup to starting a gaming connection. The UDP is most likely used for sending packets during game play.
- Port 2350 TCP/UDP: Similar to above but UDP is most likely used to recieve packets during game play.

On your router, whether you are a client or a host. You will need to open these three ports open (remember TCP and UDP protocols) and route them in to you machine.

GTA1, if you are not close by (usually in the same country helps ping), will probably be extremely laggy. Playing with more than 1 other player will most likely cuase this unless you and the other players have extremely good pings. Bandwidth isn't as big an issue as latency is as GTA1's netcode is not that good. The game waits for everyone's frame to be synced up before allowing another move it seems.

Twisted Metal 2 seems to work pretty well for pings up to 100ms. Better netcode, using approximation and coordinate correction make game play very smooth.

Note: For those of you who use GTAMP, this can probably apply to you guys too even though Sektor has some stuff up for you guys to read about anyway.

Until the proxy is done, this will help you guys. You can use GTADS to meet other players and set up a game until I have everything neatly in place. So, Happy Gaming. (Now you see why I want to get GTADS up and running, multiple ports are a pain in the ass)


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