Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Screenshots request

This is a request for anyone who has been following GTADS and trying out either the server or the client. Even though this project is coded in Java, it isn't the end all of portability, I would like to get some screenshots of people using GTADS. It can be from any operating system that you run but I would especially like to see some screen shots of GTADS running from a Mac machine or a Linux OS. It would also be interesting to get some feedback and console screen shots of the server being deployed on various platforms also. If you would like send me an email with the file attached and i'll post a lot of them on my next few screenshots posts as well as on the sourceforge screenshots page. Feedback would also interest me in who is using and playing around with GTADS, what features are liked, disliked, or should be added. So guys, fire up those screenshots.

GTADS Feature Update:

Maximum users enforced
GSIPS yes/no option
Account Refresh Cache yes/no option
Friends List yes/no option
SuperUser account implemented (Admin=...)


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