Monday, January 09, 2006

GSIPS implemented

I am happy to announce that if you look on the lower part of your screen you will see something along the lines of:

server name=GTADS Beta Server
server port=7000
users connected=5
max clients=30
active chatrooms=2

The new GSIPS (GTADS System Information Protocol Server) has been implemented into the GTADS server. Right now it is rather crude and will be updated but the general idea is that a client, preferrably a script, connects to the port, usually on port 8000, issues a query message and gets the requested information. Right now, you can obtain the server information by connecting to the beta server and putting "query server". The GTADS starts aren't very pretty but as the project rolls out to its first release things will be refined. As of the 1/7 release there is no 'off' switch for GSIPS in the config file but as it gets completed and fully integrated into the server there will be an option to deactive it, a spec for GSIPS, and a release of the perl script i'm running as a small example.


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