Friday, January 20, 2006

More Server administration

Getting all the items done for the good release requires that most things if not everything is practical to use. I had mentioned earlier that I would not do much of anything else in regards to the chatclient/server but it has become impossible not to. If anyone wants to have a good experience in using GTADS to play their favorite game it should run well both on the client and server side. I have been working, in my spare time, on getting chat server adminstration to a point where server administrators need not worry about abuses from the asshole user. Everyone who has ever run anything, from a website to an irc server knows what the asshole user is. This is a certain breed of user that goes out of their way to not only attempt to make life unpleasant for server administrators but fellow client users as well. So in the initial official (non-test) version of the server and client I am trying to patch up those loose ends and make everything as solid as possible. I could have probably released GTADS 2 months ago but it would have looked crudy and neglected. I will be adding a few things on the server side to give administrators more control of their server as I focus more and more on the gaming side of things. I think having a good gaming network requires having a sturdy chat network infrastructure to use.

For any of you who are eager to use GTADS to play your favorite games, here are the following games that are planned for the first official release:

Twisted Metal 2

Stay tuned for more updates to come and feel free to test the server and client on your favorite OS. I still need screenshots! :-)


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