Sunday, March 05, 2006

GTA Proxy is COMPLETE!!!

Yes, after 2 solid weeks of trial and error, ethereal logs, and damning DirectPlay, the GTADS proxy is finished. Testing it on my Lan it is able to proxy a game between 2 players. The speed over the lan is a little slower than a normal GTA1 game. For the first release of GTADS I may just release support for GTA1 with 2 player support and work on adding more users, more games, and optimizing the connections. Keep in mind that the latency will never be BETTER than normal GTA because of the extra steps through the java based proxy. For this coming week I will be focusing on adding proxy integration to the GTADS client, optimizing the game connection, and making sure everything else is ready for release. If you are interested in trying out the proxy, I warn you that it isn't very user friendly and is functional for programmer testing, nevertheless if you are still curious in using it, you can email me on instructions for playing with it and/or how to compile it from the CVS source.
Since the Proxy forwards directplay ports, it won't be very hard to incorporate GTA2, and other assorted games to the mix.


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