Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Proxy woes and the integration process and an icon

Perhaps the joy of finally getting the proxy working made me so happy that I didn't see a small problem I am still having with setting up games between certain computers. So far I haven't had any luck with Windows XP to 2000 machines playing. I am not sure what is the X factor in this (DirectX versions? OS versions?) but I do plan to find out. On one windows 2000 machine it gets up to the point where the hoster sets the game in motion and the windows 2000 machine never connects and closes out (The game may change the UDP port). On another older windows 2000 machine it won't see the game at all so all this will need to be fixed if I am to get different people with different operating systems to play GTA. I don't think i'll be supporting windows 98 though. I don't have that OS on any computer to test with and I think this represents a minority of users. If anyone would like to help get support on windows 98 for gameplay you can add in to the code.

Besides these incompatibilities that will need to be fixed other things that are going on are:

- Optimization:
For the udp traffic that goes to and from the proxy the latency is not that bad, almost as good as an actual peer to peer, however, the proxy runs at 100% CPU slowing down the game. Fixing and optimizing some of the methods after receiving the data is the best bet.
- Integration:
I want to have all the Gameroom stuff ready for when the gameplay works, to just plug it in and release. Right now the client has a gameroom list that is currently being coded in the server and the client.
- Functionality:
As I said in the previous post, the proxy right now works as a developers device, it's not really friendly to a normal user to use and game, getting that more usable will make the game process seamless.

WANTED: An icon for the GTADS client, if you have an idea you want to send to me I will consider it. Any icon or future graphics in the app will retain the creator's full copyright.

Send your Icon to Steven dot Day at gmail dot com

Update as of 11:58 PM 3/7/2006

Fixed the GTA latency problem. GTA now runs at an excellent speed with a player across the country (From Ny to La) at 93ms ping.


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