Friday, March 17, 2006

Important things to keep in mind on GTADS

- Whether you're hosting or joining a game, in order for gameplay to work you must have port 8000 (UDP) open on your computer and router.
- When setting an ip address in the actually game, Please make sure you put in or localhost. The proxy routes the GTA traffic from localhost and across the proxy.
- If the game doesn't connect the first time, both the joiner and the host should just restart their proxies, check ports (personal firewalls), and their network connection. Right now the proxy operates on UDP with no packet confirmation. Over laggy or unstable connections some of these packets may never reach their destinations.
- Try to play someone in your region. Its recommended that any ping value less than 150ms should be a good indicator or someone who's in your country. I've personally had decent games with people who live about 3000 miles away and had 90-100ms latency.
- Special note for people who are hosting their own servers on their lan. You guys will most likely connect locally to the GTADS server and as such the server will only record your local ip address. If you decide to host a game the server will auto enter your local IP into their proxy. In the next release special cases like this will be handled by an optional "Force IP to...". A work around now is to either let the player know to change the ip address before they press start on the proxy or just let an external player host.


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