Thursday, March 16, 2006

1 Day past schedule but here we go

Ok guys, I finally released the first beta version of GTADS that I think is useable for people. It took a lot of time and hard work to get the last parts of the client, server, and proxy done and I hope you guys enjoy. Since the project has been abd must be released on SourceForge's system I will provide a link to the downloads page there. The beta links will remain as those will be the lastest versions of what I'm working on. As for the Beta server, that will be changed to a new address soon as the current server on is a server now (Same computer just a change in the affiliation).

Now I don't have any time today to release documentation so I will try to get all the relavant parts out as much as possible on this post. As of this release you can play GTA1 2 player games. You will need to OPEN port 8000 UDP on your computers in order for the proxy to function. Those of you with personal firewalls you will need to allow java.exe or javaw.exe to use that port.

Step by Step Guide to getting a game going:

- When you load up the client make the server drop down is on "". If you have never made an account on that server you can click the New User button and create your own username and password.
- Once logged in you will see a chatroom and above that buttons that say Join Game and Host Game. If you want to create a game you must click on Host Game. If you have a friend that has created a game you can go click Join Game find his game and connect.
- Once you join your friends game or have set up your hosted game you will be in another smaller chatroom interface. This is the gameroom window. When your friend and you are ready to play whoever is hosting (Whoever started the game) must click Start Proxy. Once the proxy is started for both players you should allow 30 seconds to a minute for the host to set up their game and Gather a network. Once you are sure their game is started and hosting you can load up your own copy of GTA1 and Join Network. It is important to note when the game asks you for an IP Address you should put in or localhost to connect to the proxy.
- The game should connect and you and your opponent should be playing.
- If anything doesn't work correctly you can restart the proxy. The host should stop the proxy and the player as well. Letting the host start the proxy first, the procedure should be repeated again.

Again this is BETA software, and you probably will find some sort of bugs. Please email me if you find anything as I am still working on the GTADS code working towards a 1.0 release.

If you are wondering what is coming:

Redesign of interface for many windows
Better Gameroom game initialization
configuation file
sounds and graphics (optional by configuration)
Admin commands

Code clean up
Ban management
Multiple Admin support
SQL Support
Website publishing interface
Stats Management
Admin commands

4 player support for GTA1
Support for GTA2 (6 players)
Support for Twisted Metal 2 (4 players)
Support for Doom (4 players)
Stats management


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