Monday, March 20, 2006

Documentation, a Website, and Release 2

Well I am happy that GTADS is going through its first week as a freely released product. There were a few bumps in the release and a few quick fixes that needed to be made but besides that it's really well. I'd like to thank all the people who supported the project and stayed with seeing it all the way through.
The first thing I want to discuss on the is documentation. I am currently creating GTADS documentation on using the client and server. It is about 50% done and writing a guide for using the server is what is really left. You can check out the documentation at and consult it if you have any questions in using GTADS to play GTA1.
I'd also like to mention that GTADS will officially have a site in the next couple of weeks. A friend of mine and GTA1 ethusiast will help me design an official site while leaving this as a developer's blog. So this site will be up but for more developer specific comments and news.
With that being said I also want to add that that Beta Release 2 is schedules to be released on the 26th. A few things that will definitely be fixed/added upon are:

- Option to Bind IP when hosting a game
- Letting the gameroom know that a request packet has been recieved via host proxy
- New User dialog bug
- /ban User or IP command
- Displaying creator of a gameroom and status

Things I want to add but may not make it into Beta Release 2:

- User control for gameroom
- 2+ player GTA
- GTA2 support


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