Friday, March 10, 2006

A March 15th Release Target

Well GTADS has been on the worktable for a long long time, getting created a little at a time (as my free time permits) and its about time for an official release to come out. I am targeting a March 15th release date because I want people to be able to use and check out where GTADS is right now. I doesn't have everything I wanted to incorporate into the server and client but if I do that it will never be released (there are always cool things you want to add). The last few things I need to finish up before the release are the following:

- Create gameroom, gameroom list window, gameroom creation window
- streamline proxy to work with GTADS
- preferences for client
- Documentation

Things that won't make it into the release:

- Multiple admins
- GTA2 and Twisted Metal 2 game support
- 2+ player support in games
- SQL support
- Ping times and Localization
- Web Index of Servers being run

So, what you should expect when gtads comes out is support for GTA1 for 2 players on windows 2000 and windows XP. I haven't tested game support on a pre-2000 machine and for GTA1 it wouldn't work between win98 players and 2k users (random seed differences).

In the maintime i've been trying to find a way to grab the score/kills off the game via packets but I think that all the scoring is put determined on the client side and it does make sense. (Its more efficient for 2 players to know hitting a car is 10 pts rather than a player hitting a car and informing the other player its 10 points. Less chances for cheating too). I was hoping to try to grab an event such as each tallied kill or at the end game the scores would be matched and verified. Some more binary digging my turn up something. I want to create a stats system :-).


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