Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Optimizations, Windows 2000, and Gamelists

Well as you may or may not know based on the end of the last post the optimization problem is solved. The CPU no longer impeads on the performance of the game play on either side and I was able to get a good game going with a friend of mine who lives 3000 miles away on the west coast (California) and you may be surprised as to what fixed it.
Anyway as of this post I also discovered that the windows 2000 machine I was using to test gameplay crashes independent of the proxy. Each time a game tries to initialize it kills its process. I'm not sure as to what is causing it but I know now that there isn't anything intentionally crashing it from the proxy. I do need someone with windows 2000 and GTA1 to help me test the game out though. I only know of 2 places where it works and all machines have been windows XP. If any ambitious soul out there wants to test it on their own and report results that is just as fine. I wanted to test 2 conditions (XP to 2000) and (2000 to 2000). I am planning to release the whole integrated product on the 15th (A week from now) and determining what works and doesn't will keep the windows 2000 people included. If not then the first release will just have to be Windows XP supported until a second release (These first few releases will be public betas and will have updates in very short increments).
I'm very anxious to see how this would run GTA2 and Twisted Metal over the proxy. So far I haven't bothered adjusting the proxy for those 2 games, which use the same ports but behave slightly differently. Twisted Metal seems to port its ports a little more randomly and I know from the tournament (on hold at the moment) that there were many problems with people connecting to each other with ports forwarded. Sounds like a good challenge to take up.
As it is right now the proxy can only support 2 players. I honestly don't know what the network play looks like with 2+ players. I've never packet sniffed a bigger game. I'm hoping that it's a Burden of Host mode (all players send to the host and recieve from the host) because that would be the easiest model to work with but it may turn out to be drastically different. I do plan to add in 2+ players into the game which will keep everyone interested in playing but that will be at a later time.
On a final note I am glad to see the interest in the people who plan to host their own GTADS server. I hope that each respective network does well from having GTADS apart of it. I also plan to host one up for the gaming network but the important thing is having a choice in hosting and going to different networks.


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